What’s New

Changes for 2017 camping season

Lazy Days will no longer accept nightly, weekend or weekly campers.  We will only accept Monthly camping from June 30-August 31 and Seasonal Camping May 1-Sept 30, 2017 (Oct 1, 2016-April 31, 2017 storage / left on site, if desired). *
Days will no longer accept credit cards – checks or cash only.

Increased rent to $1800 per season, plus electricity for seasonal sites

Increased rent to $550 per month (for non-metered sites) OR $500 per month plus electric (for metered sites)

Mowing will be done twice per month. Weed whipping will be done once per month. If you desire extra mowing/lawn care at your site, you may do it yourself or consult staff for availability and/or charges for extra lawn service.

Shortened Office Hours –

Possible Weekend Hours: Fridays: 5pm-8pm

Saturdays: 10-Noon, 5-8pm

Sundays: Noon – 3

Possible Weekday Hours: Only as needed

Seasonal: Deposit of $200 for 2016-2017 will be due by September 30, 2016. Remainder of seasonal payment will be due May 1st – no exceptions.

Monthly: Rent will be due upon check-in.

*We may offer certain dates or Holidays for “friends of seasonals” to come camping. Please submit your most desired dates to the office by October 1st. We will then pick the 3 or 4 most popular weekends and allow “friends of seasonals” to camp on those weekends. These dates may not be in the month of June. We will keep the same rates as 2016 for the weekends we open up for friends/family.